Vid Attack Alpha

Video Attack Alpha

Video Attack Alpha

Vid Attack Alpha – Advanced Built In SEO Strategies for Video Marketers

Vid Attack Alpha is a software which helps marketers achieve video and blog rankings effectively. It is created by Anthony Hayes after running through some tests and finding out that through increasing video views with high retention rates, you will see a significant increase in the rankings of your money url.

What this means is that one of the ranking factors in search engines is the click through rate together with high retention views. The test Hayes and his team made also indicated that click through rates are a more powerful factor than bounce rate.


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Video Attack Alpha

Video Attack Alpha – SEO Tool


  • The Video Retention Reviews

Using Vid Attack Alpha for your video in Google rankings and clicking through the videos to watch it will increase three of the most vital ranking factors for videos which are click through rate, relevance to your keywords and retention views for faster and long-term rankings.


  • Through Rate

Another major ranking factor is improving your visitor’s time on your site which will reduce bounce rates. Vid Attack Alpha helps in that area by going through your blog posts. You will be also allowed to leave a comment on your blog posts as well as watch YouTube videos in the post for referral views.


  • Top 14 Social Websites

The software has an advanced RSS SEO strategy that made push button simple and easy. Combined with social website platforms, this provides an increase to your videos rankings.



 The software makes use of significant computer resourced depending on how you use it. All you have to do is to simply check how many tabs you can open and watch videos on Google Chrome.


With Special Prices 

If you’re an existing customer of Search and Click Commando, there’s no need to purchase this tool since existing license with Search and Click Commando will work with Vid Attack Alpha.

  • Easy to use
  • Click through rate
  • Reduce bounce



 Helps marketers achieve video rankings effectively
Point and click your way to higher rankings
Easy to use
Best for simple and fast campaigns
Connect your videos with over 15 popular web 2.0 and social media networks
Reduce bounce rates
Advanced RSS SEO strategy
Create hundreds of accounts to post to in minutes
Increase your embeds for better rankings
Increase click through rate
Syndicates video to 14 social websites

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