Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth The Investment

Online Marketing Homepage Website Digital ConceptIn order to master online marketing in the correct way, the right online marketing tools are a necessity. However, many marketers ask which tools are the right ones. This is because some of these tools are complicated, others are free and some are really expensive.

Today there are so many to choose from and if the marketer has not had the time to experiment with the different ones, choosing these tools with confidence becomes a difficult task. Below are 4 of the top rated marketing tools that can assist any marketer in skyrocketing their marketing efforts.

InfusionSoft (Email Marketing)

Infusion is considered to be a pricey tool, but at the same time incredibly powerful. Some of the favorable features include the automation feature that makes it an effective tool for marketing campaigns. The cost of this email-marketing tool includes a once-off start-up cost of about $2,000. After the set-up costs, the fees charged monthly range from about $199 to $599.

Buzzsumo (Content Marketing)

Buzzsumo is the type of tool that provides marketers with a way to locate the “most shared content” for specific websites and topics. There is also the option to filter lists that are relevant with the content type. The advanced features with Buzzsumo include “monitoring” and “influencers” that offer a powerful method for marketers to stay abreast of the competition. The fee structure for this tool includes:

•Limited results is a free option

•Pro, is a starter plan designed for small teams and bloggers that costs $99 a month

•Agency, designed for the agency teams includes all the features found in Pro along with API access along with other features for $299 a month

•Enterprise is a package made for publishers and brands that offers advanced functionalities designed for the larger teams. This package costs $999 a month.

Pingdom Website Speed Test (SEO and Site Speed)

Improvements on the speed of a website are known as a fast method to improve conversion rates and SEO. Pingdom’s Website Speed Test assists marketers with this important tool. The report provided is free and offers instant analysis and tips on how the marketer can improve their current speed. The speed test does not cost anything, but full package website monitoring starts at around $13,95 up to $454 a month.

Buffer (Social Media)

Buffer is known as a “social media” automation tool. The features in this product allow marketers to schedule specific updates for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Twitter. This tool also offers a free-plan that offers limited features along with other plans that start at $10 up to $250 a month.

Marketers need online marketing tools if they would like to get ahead of the game. The better the tools are, the better the marketing opportunities. One of the best ways to use these tools is to first gain an understanding on how they work and that they will be able to contribute to measurable improvements when it comes to marketing efforts.