Money Robot Review

Claiming to be the World’s most powerful link building software. Now, let’s see if that’s really true going through this review.

Money robot is being used by a lot of different entities like:

Individuals that owns a website and who are aiming to top the results of search engines.

SEO Companies, simply Money Robot is a great help to increase the productivity on their client’s website rankings.

Media companies in all forms and sizes, Money Robot is helping them distribute their contents every day to number of websites and blogs and publish it there.

Large Corporations, combining both the usage of SEO companies and Media companies. Money Robot serves as a very useful tool for them.

The reason that they call themselves the World’s most powerful link building software is because it’s supporting unlimited website platforms.

Using the software, you will be able to submit backlinks and contents to platforms like:

  • Web directories
  • Wiki articles
  • Press Release
  • Forum Profiles
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • RSS
  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Network Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Directories

Here’s a video Presentation from Money Robot on how simple it is in creating an SEO campaign:


With Money Robot, it makes it easier to do link building as everything is automated, results will be seen faster because you have a lot of submissions and backlinkings done in a short period of time. And more clients you are able to work on and provide good results for them.

Money Robot Features are as follows:

Faster Submissions, quite similar of having a hundred people working for you.

AI Functionality, Money Robot uses browser such as Internet Explorer/Edge, Chrome and Firefox to pretend a human like activity and bypass any robot detection mechanisms.

Smart Process of Submissions because all processes involved are completely automated. No need for human intervention.

No more scraping and searching for Website lists, because this link building software already has a list that is update quite often.

Spinning and Rewriting Articles, no need to get a separate software for this, as you can spin and rewrite articles with Money Robot, allowing you to spin as much copies for one article.

Monitor feature or Banklinks – realtime, be able to track your backlinks in real time.

Update Auto sites lists, able to receive fresh list of websites daily, so there is no need to scrape for website lists.

Automatic Captcha solving, Money Robot has the capability to solve simple captchas for free, but for complex ones they offer a different paid service for this.

Customer Support, they have an available support through Skype and yahoo messenger and you can also email them.

Money Back Guarantee, one of the best part as you can test and see how Money Robot will work for you you have 7 days free trial and if you think it’s not the best SEO tool you will be refunded.


With all that stated, I could say Money Robot is indeed one of the most powerful tools that you can use as one of your SEO tools. For SEO companies, you can save money from hiring SEO staff because Money Robot works like you have hundreds of SEO people working, faster output – faster results.

  • Price
  • Customer Support
  • Features & Functionality
  • Easy of use