Market Samurai Review

Firstly, here’s what you get when you buy Market Samurai.Download Market Samurai Now!

With Market Samurai you’ll have 8 functionalities or modules and they are as follows:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Rank Tracker
  3. SEO Competition
  4. Domains
  5. Monetization
  6. Find Content
  7. Publish Content
  8. Promotion

I’ll give out a brief over view of these modules one by one.

Keyword Research, this functionality uses the Google Keyword Tool, with that you may think there is no point getting Market Samurai but not true as this is much easier to use compared to Google’s Keyword Planner. But knowing that it’s using Google’s technology then it’s reliable.

Rank Tracker with this very useful tool you can track our rank in multiple search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. It gives you the first 1,000 Rank position for both phrase and broad matches. This functionality also saves historical data that is presented on a graph for your visual illustration of your progress. For some, the rank tracker is the main reason they buy the Market Samurai tool.

SEO Competition, the data it provides will help you decide to either pursue a keyword you have chosen from the keyword research or not. It takes out the top 10 ranked websites on Google Search Results for the keyword and analyzes the On-page and off-page factors of each site.

Domains, after deciding on your keywords this module will suggest a number of unique variations of your keyword to be registered as a domain. This tool would also help you find domain names that are expiring and aged domain names.

Monetization tool helps you to find products that you can promote and that are related to your keywords. It finds products from different marketplaces like Clickbank and Amazon.

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Find Content, this feature is least useful of Market Samurai in my humble opinion but still can help you put in some content on to the website when you are not in the mood of writing. The module searches for content from a number of article sites, and if you would like to you use the content just remember to credit the author.
Publish Content, works similar to Microsoft Live writer, this lets you create content offline and publish it later on to your WordPress website.

Promotion, contrary to what it’s called it actually gives you back linking opportunities, basing on your given keyword. Though doesn’t work as expected you can try checking each link it gives you and try to manually get a link from them.

With all these features or tools that you can get from Market Samurai, I would say this is a must-have for not just Online Marketers but also to online entrepreneur. Regardless of being really slow at producing the searches, but patience will truly reward you. And if you are wise enough to really able to make use of the software and the results it provides you, you’ll figure that it’s really a powerful tool.

Some of the features may not be of a good use but it’s more than enough of what is needed. The Keyword Research is so easy to use and precise, Rank Tracker is a perfect feature to keep me on track with my rankings. And these 2 are truly my favorite and I would keep on using these features in helping me with my business.

Market Samurai has a free trial, so you can get this software for free for a few days, you can use the free trial days to test the software and see if this is what you expect and if it will help in marketing your business.

  • Price
  • Easy of use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support