A Guide To The Most Effective Digital Marketing Tools Available


Office Desk with Tools and Notes About Digital MarketingThe 21st century has become one of technological advancement, both in the scientific world and the average person's daily life. Everywhere you look, people are spending more time on electronic devices than interacting with reality.

To meet the online demands of the population, and to reach their target market more effectively, companies are beginning to embrace the digital world and promote their services via the internet. Unfortunately, the mass amount of individuals utilizing the internet has made brand exposure difficult; therefore, there is a need for business marketing strategies to succeed. This article will provide information on the most effective digital marketing tools available.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Before discussing digital marketing tools, it is necessary to understand the concept of digital marketing. Digital marketing, in a nutshell, is the marketing of services within the digital realm. It is also marketing or promotion of brands using electronic devices and is conducted mostly online. Nowadays, much of digital marketing is completed using apps; however, this type of marketing does extend to items such as media advertisements and digital banners. Completing the act of digital marketing are online marketing tools, which can purchased or downloaded online for free.


What Free Marketing Tools Are Available?

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most effective online marketing tools today. It offers all the necessary analytical information about your website. It is also pre-installed on your computer for convenience. This means that information regarding the tracking of traffic is available as it happens, and without a need for payment.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an effective online marketing tool that promotes brand exposure on social networking accounts. It allows easy navigation of all the company's social platforms using a single platform – the Hootsuite account. You can access your social network accounts through the dashboard, saving time and cutting down on stress. Despite being a free tool, Hootsuite does present some limitations on their packages and the free package allows sync up of three profiles simultaneously. However, dependent on the amount paid, a business package can offer between 50-100 social profiles.

3. Boomerang

Boomerang is a useful, free marketing tool that offers an email monitoring service. Most email users receive spam mails on a daily basis. Boomerang has the capability to detect important versus spam emails. The tool also lets you schedule outgoing emails and set reminders to reply to important ones. Additionally, the tool comes in the form of a plugin and can be attached to any Gmail account.

What Priced Marketing Tools Are Available?

1. Go Squared

Similar to Google Analytics, Go Squared offers information related to the amount of traffic on one's website. It also offers real-time statistics and is beneficial in providing a live chat feature for Go Squared customers and for customers of the user's website. While this digital marketing resource does offer a trial, it will require payment for use after one's website has had 100 visitors.

You can promote your business using numerous types of digital marketing tools available online. Using the information above one can make informed decisions as to which is most suitable for their particular situation.