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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is still the best and proven way to drive free traffic to any website. However, there are certain new elements that came into play this year that made several changes in the movement of the goal posts.

The heart and soul of SEO still remains to be quality backlinks which can be determined by various factors such as its relevance, domain authority, contextual links, deep links and the number of links versus the number of referring domains. And to have complete control over all of these aspects of ranking, you have to have your own private network or PBN.

In reality, it is not as easy as it may sound and that is exactly where Alpha Networks by Anthony Hayes comes into play. This latest web app in the market by Anthony Hayes has been generating quite a buzz since its release last month. Many internet marketers are seen promoting this in their email lists.


Product Name: Alpha Networks
Owner/Creator Anthony Hayes
Date of Launch: April 1, 2017





With Special Price 

Alpha Networks is a system that helps you create and manage your very own PBN (private blog network). This system was developed by Anthony Hayes and several other software products which aid website owners to achieve a first page ranking on Google and other search engines. With a very inexpensive one-time payment fee, Alpha System will provide you with an initial PBN of 30 sites which will be then hosted for life. Aside from this, you will also get around 5,000 credits from posting to generate backlinks to your PBN’s. If you want to get added products, you can purchase it for a minimal cost or from the upsells that will be offered to you.


 Alpha Networks by Anthony Hayes

Alpha Networks lets you purchase expired domains and you will be then provided with instructions on how to accomplish the tasks effectively. You will then have to set up a NameCheap API to assist you in buying your expired domains which you will only need to do once.

After you have added your domain, you will then choose the kind of blogs for PBN’s or video sharing platforms you want to use. To access the system’s API key, you will have to create an account with with Cloudfir, which is a CDN or content delivery network that will help improve your website’s security and performance.. This will also avoid the use of your own IP address.

Once these steps are done, you can now post your blog sites with the system’s Desktop Posting Tool. You can instantly do indexing and pinging with this tool as well as schedule tiered linking postings.


Alpha Networks by Anthony Hayes

There are some pros and cons you need to consider about the whole system. Here are some of them to

provide you with a better perspective about the product.


  •  The system is easy to use
  • You can easily save money with this system since everything in their servers are hosted
  • You can instantly index and ping new posts


  • You receive 5000 posting credits but you have to purchase them if you want more


OTO 1 

  • One time cost
  • You can allowed to add social bookmark sites to instantly create tiered linking an bulk postings
  • Comes with the Unique Traffic Redirect Tool
  • 5000 extra posting credits which will give you a total of 10,000 posting credits
  • 50 domains

 OTO 2 

  •  One time cost
  • You can work with other members to quickly build out bigger networks at a lower cost within Group Networks
  • Maximize bulk posting effectiveness with URL Shortner Tool
  • Expired Domain Finder Tool
  • 5000 extra posting credits

With Special Price



  •  Monthly basis
  • You can choose from 5, 15 or 30 MassMedia SEO Press Releases each month
  • Multi Media Press Releases
  • Press Release and Writing Tool added to Alpha Networks Desktop Software
  • Google News Posting
  • Software makes it easy to use Press Release Service Dashboard
  • 100+ authority links per Press Release distribution to get instant backlinks for PBN sites
  • Easy Press Release acceptance
  • Credits roll over

OTO 4: 

  • Monthly basis – Agency Packages
  • Get extra credits at huge discounts
  • You can purchase at least 6 Posting Packages with extra domains
  • A choice of 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 or 500,000 Posting Credit Packages
  • Ideal for agencies with clients and selling PBN links or PBN building and renting
  • Additional 50 – 250 domains to packages



With Special Price