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It is challenging to build a predictable lead generation machine. However, if one manages to crack this challenge, it is highly rewarding since it is possible to scale up faster and it is possible to be selective with whoever one chooses to work with.

Here are the top 8 lead generation tools currently available.

1. Intercom Acquire

This tool facilitates direct communication with leads visiting a website. Just set up rules to display messages to visitors upon meeting certain conditions. For instance, if a user spends over 60 seconds on the pricing page and it is on the second visit, the website could display an appropriate message.

2. Leadformly

This tool makes it easy to build highly converting lead generation forms. The tool sweats the little things so that nobody else has to. It displays optimal progress bar indicators and uses conditional logic for segmenting leads. In addition, it has in-built analytics along with audience insights to help in understanding leads and evaluating performance of forms.

3. Lead Forensics

While many potential leads may visit a website only a handful usually fill out enquiry forms. While LeadFormly and related tools helpsto increase the percentage of visitors filling out forms, some still slip through the cracks. Lead Forensics solves this problem by using the IP of the visitor’s computer to identify the companies or individuals visiting a website.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign facilitates tracking of all interactions leads have with a website then uses them as triggers for email marketing campaigns. This makes it possible to notify the sales team once a lead visits a particular page on the website. It is also possible to do follow up on cold leads automatically every couple of months or create email campaigns and then nurturing them back into warm leads.

5. Datanyze

It is an outbound sales tool mainly used to help tech and software companies save time prospecting. The key benefit Datanyze offers is that it shows the technology the prospects use. Additionally, it helps in finding of new prospects based on the technology that they use.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For those in B2B sales, this tool is quite valuable for capturing leads. Besides receiving recommendations and seeing those that view one’s profile, this tool helps one save leads into a CRM directly from LinkedIn.

7. Hoovers

Hoovers prides itself as the biggest single source of business information anywhere. This makes it a great place to look for those searching for personalized leads.

8. Quora

This platform has become the de-facto destination for asking and answering questions online. Searching Quora for topics related to a particular industry or business generates tens or hundreds of results of people asking questions that one can provide well-informed answers to. In addition, the answers are an ideal platform to showcase a company’s expertise that might drive potential leads to establish contact.

The 8 lead generation tools discussed in this article will definitely suit most businesses. Of course, such tools are in plenty in the market but the 8 discussed here are the most popular and most useful. Therefore, for improvement in business consider using any or all of the tools discussed.

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