ExpiredStat Review

ExpiredStats help you find expired domains with all the statistics that are relevant.

First, let me discuss why it is better to look for expired domains than create a much unique one for your new website plus a domain basing on your keywords?

Know that expired domains, especially those who have been online or have lived for quite a long time before getting expired and forgotten by the owner, has the following statistics:

  • Page Authority – with high score this means the page will have a better chance of hinger ranking, highest possible score is 100
  • Domain Authority – similar with page authority but domain means the website as a whole, with 100 as the highest score
  • Trust Flow – lets you know how trustworthy the page is by basing on also how trustworthy those sites that are linking to trustworthy neighbors
  • Citation Flow – you have a good citation when you have many sites linking to your website, this determines how influential your website is
  • Referring Domains – the website/domain where the backlinks are coming from
  • IP address – unique address assigned to every domain name

And the only statistic a new domain has is the IP address. So you need to work for this domain real hard to achieve the statistics.

The only disadvantage that I’m seeing with this software is that it doesn’t run on Mac OS, so if you want to use this software make sure you have Windows OS.

In terms of the interface, it is not something to boast about ExpiredStat but it works fine and is accurate, and there are only specific statistics or information from the result but these are very important.

Comparing this to other similar software, it’s valued at a very low price but you will certainly get more than what you pay for. Plus, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied on what you get from this software you’ll be refunded.

There’s so much to say about this software but the best way to know how this works and how this would help you is to try it yourself.


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