The Importance Of Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing - Note Pad With TextNew and even the experienced marketers will often ask questions related to what the best email marketing tools are on the market. Email and autoresponder tools form part of some of the most vital portions of a business.

These tools are used to follow-up with the respective customers as well as how to keep people coming back to a website. Below are some of the top rated autoresponder and email-marketing tools and what they offer.

Tool 1 Aweber

If the business is managing lists that run into the hundreds, thousands or more and leads are only derived from the Internet, then Aweber offers a fantastic service. When it comes to online lists, Aweber offers high delivery ratings and translates into emails that are delivered and then opened or clicked on.

Tool 2 MailChimp

MailChimp has been regarded as the ideal place for marketers who are just starting out. The “forever free” plan allows the marketer to create lists on MailChimp as long as the list stays below 500 users. For those marketers who may not be ready to pay for autoresponders, MailChimp offers a fantastic option for email marketing.

Tool 3 Constant Contact

For marketers that enjoy graphical emails or HTML, Constant Contact is a good choice for an effective marketing tool. This software is aimed more for the marketers that have lists that reach into the thousands.

Tool 4 InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft is related to the marketing tool that is geared at the serious marketers. For those businesses that have a subscriber list that exceeds 50,000 subscribers this is the ideal tool to use. InfusionSoft offers a way to combine email marketing with shopping carts, so that the marketer is able to conduct complex tasks such as segregating the subscribers from the buyers as well as mail-specific sequences that are then sent to specific individuals.

Tool 5 iShoppingCart

For those marketers looking for a way to integrate shopping carts with emails, iShoppingCart is the ideal tool. This particular tool offers a variety of solutions for email marketing methods and payment processing. It also allows for the marketer to segregate mail only and buyers list or the entire list.

Tool 6 Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is designed for email marketing efforts used by the data-driven businesses. All the data that includes clicks and open rates are easily tracked with the Google-Analytics-like Interface. This specific tool is ideal for splitting the test emails or tracking the topics that have outdone others.In this way the business is able to pin-point were changes may be necessary.

Tool 7

Out of all the email marketing tools this is a preferred tool by a variety of experienced marketers today. This tool not only offers email marketing methods but also a “sales customer relationship manager.” Explained as a simple type of CRM software it manages important relationships with the easy tool-set. One of the stand out features of this software is that is incredibly easy to use. The marketer can design autoresponder campaigns, web forms, templates and unlimited emailing options.

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