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Alpha Video Synd is another exceptional SEO strategy that no other individual or company is teaching or doing. This powerful SEO tool results with first page fast video rankings. Using Video Synd Alpha will automatically build and syndicate your videos on numerous high-quality websites in just a few clicks. It’ll do all the posting for you in web 2.0 websites, social sites and even do the bookmarking for you.



  • Sharing Site Account Creator for 6 top video sharing sites!
  • Can Add YouTube, Flickr & Photobucket Manually Too
  • Easy project management to re-use your profiles & accounts for multiple videos, and build authority to your sharing site accounts!
  • Advanced SEO Strategies made Push Button Simple!
  • Use Our Wizards To Index,Ping & Bookmark Your Videos Instantly & Hands Free!



  •  No significant drawbacks for this product


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Video Synd Alpha

Video Synd Alpha – GET IT NOW!




When you search for your keywords in Google – are you a little envious of the businesses that have videos at the top of the listings and first page of the search results? Those videos will definitely generate traffic for standing out! Some folk even manage to get multiple videos there.

Video Synd Alpha

Video Synd Alpha – GET IT NOW!

It is proven that videos which ranked high in search engines like Google generate a lot of traffic. But do you know that it’s much easier to rank a video in Google these days, than one of your web pages. It can literally take minutes.

You can even get multiple videos on the first page as well – when you do, you will surely dominate your niche. You probably knew this already– but have you actually done it?

Is the hassle of setting up multiple video profiles, reformatting the videos so that they are different sizes to avoid duplicate content issues, spinning the titles and the text, uploading to multiple video sites seems like a daunting task? Well, you can actually do all of this with just one click of a button.

The Video Synd Alpha button not only knows the answers to publishing marketing videos effectively, it also does the work too.

It can not only create accounts and fill in the profiles on many of the most popular video sharing sites, but it can also upload, publish and even spin the titles, descriptions, tags – without mentioning that it can change the size of the videos so you avoid duplicate content.


With Special Prices!

Video Synd Alpha

Video Synd Alpha – GET IT NOW!




Video Synd Alpha

Alpha Video Synd – GET IT NOW!

This free training webinar will reveal a number of amazing techniques so you can experience massive SEO success.

Check out what will be revealed:

  • Bulk Account Creation On Video Sharing Sites
  • How to Make 1000’s of video sharing site uploads even with the same video! The Software will change the file size of the video as well as spin title and description giving you the laziest, most powerful SEO tool ever!
  • Multiple Powerful Advanced SEO Strategies Built In and made Push Button Simple With Our Software Wizards!
  • Need fast campaigns set up?… Video Synd Alpha can create linkwheels, silos, bookmarks, 1000’s of buyer intent long tail keyword phrase posts effortlessly!
  • Plus, you will get to discover the Secret Tool The Pro’s use to dominate Google rankings with video!


With Special Prices

Video Synd Alpha

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  •  One Click Creation

Bulk account creator using our own email server to help speed up the process and create 1000’s of accounts in one click for video sharing sites & social bookmark sites!

  • Automated SEO Wizards

Just checkbox the options you want and the software does all the hard work, leaving you to focus on campaigns rather than complicated software!

  • Fast, Easy & Lazy SEO!

Need fast campaigns set up? Video synd alpha can create linkwheels, silos, bookmarks, 1000’s of long tail posts effortlessly!


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